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Comsol Multiphysics and Phreeqc are among the most powerful software in multiphysics and geochemistry, respectively. iCP communicates them and achieves a flexible and powerful tool for solving all kind of multiphysics coupled with reactive transport processes in both, porous and fractured media.


iCP stands for interface Comsol-Phreeqc. It is an interface to couple Comsol and Phreeqc. The result of this interface is a tool for solving a wide range of multiphysics and chemical problems. It is written in Java and uses the IPhreeqc C++ dynamic library and the Comsol Java API. Furthermore, it takes advantage of the multicore computer architecture by balancing the computational load over different threads.

iCP is able to model as many physical phenomena as Comsol does, combined with the powerful chemical capabilities of Phreeqc. From a geoscientific point of view these capabilities can be resumed as:

  • Hydrodynamics: Saturated, unsaturated, density driven, multiphase or free laminar flow, both in porous and fracture media
  • Thermal: Energy conservation
  • Mechanics: Geomechanics and poroeslasticity
  • Chemistry: Aqueous speciation, acid-base, redox, cation exchange, surface complexation, mineral dissolution and precipitation, solid solutions …

Furthermore, couplings between chemical and physical processes can also be considered, such as chemically-induced porosity changes and their impact on permeability.

Nardi, A., Idiart, A., Trinchero, P., de Vries, L. M., and J. Molinero. Interface COMSOL-PHREEQC (iCP), an efficient numerical framework for the solution of coupled multiphysics and geochemistry. Computers & Geosciences 69 (2014): 10-21.

These are the different partners support one or more iMaGe projects:



Comsol Multiphysics is powerful Finite Element software for the modelling and simulation of all kind of PDE-ADE physic systems in a coupled way. It has a very intuitive and robust graphical user interface (GUI), with flexible configuration options for creating geometry, mesh generation, material properties, solver options and post-processing and visualization of the results.


Phreeqc is a freely available computer program for simulating chemical reactions and transport processes in natural or polluted water. It is perhaps the most widely used geochemical code in the scientific community and is distributed free of charge. It has been developed by David L. Parkhurst and C.A.J. Appelo. The program is based on equilibrium chemistry of aqueous solutions interacting with minerals, gases, solid solutions, exchangers, and sorption surfaces, but also includes the capability to model kinetic reactions with rate equations that are completely user-specified in the form of Basic statements. An extensible chemical data base allows application of the reaction, transport, and inverse-modelling capabilities to almost any chemical reaction that is recognized to influence rain-, soil-, ground and surface water quality.




A complete wiki is under construction. It will contain complete documentation, Q&A and will be the site where technical support will be centralized .

If you are interested in iCP please fill out the licence request form to get your license.

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  • 3 months
  • Support: level 1*
  • MPI***


1.000 €

  • Unlimited
  • Support: level 2**
  • R&D purposes
  • MPI***


5.000 €

  • Unlimited
  • Support: level 2**
  • Commercial purposes
  • MPI***


Partners Only

  • Unlimited
  • Support: level 2**
  • MPI***
* level 1: Installation & getting started.
** level 2: Advanced technical support for simulations is offered as a consulting service.
*** MPI (Parallel Computing): Temporary licenses could be obtained under request.
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