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Jorge Molinero 14/03/14



Welcome to the iMaGe Blog, an online forum designed to share your developments in geoscientific simulation, with special emphasis on applications interfacing multiphysics and geochemistry.


If you are here you probably know about the iMaGe platform (interfacing Multiphysics and Geochemistry), the Amphos 21 initiative to promote the communication among different geoscientific modeling tools readily available. Just in case, I would like to recall that the primary goal of iMaGe is to achieve the best performance for modelling complex coupled phenomena in the subsurface environment, while avoiding code writing from scratch. As we like to say, we always look for a compromise between innovation and avoiding reinventing the wheel in every modeling project. Visit www.image-modelling.net if you are interested in more details.


By the way, we do not have problems working with either commercial or open source codes. What is nonnegotiable for us is QA and documentation: we only use reliable codes following clear QA development policies (and properly documented). The same strict rules apply of course for all the interfaces and developments within iMaGe. In short, we are just looking for a powerful toolbox contributing to reach our mission: help our clients and collaborators to solve their environmental challenges.


Blogging with iMaGe


Have you done an exciting model of fractured rock hydrogeology? Are you fighting with convergence in a complex geochemical or reactive transport challenge? Do you have an innovative tool or approach for thermo-hydro-mechanical-geochemical simulations? Then, you are welcome to the IMaGe blog.


Unfortunately we do not have time to read all the interesting papers and reports produced in our scientific and technical community. Then, this blog wants to be a platform to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge related with modeling multiphysics and geochemistry in fractured and porous media. A place where you could market your last paper or report, where anybody can get the key aspects of your modelling work in less than 10 minutes, as we usually do in conferences and workshops. Information about events, conferences, workshops or reviews on scientific papers is also welcome.


If you are interested in blogging, just write to image@image-modelling.net and explain us about your topic. We will send you detailed instructions, but in general, the text should have less than 500 words and 2 to 4 figures or videos.


We plan to have new posts all the weeks, so visit us often to see what’s new on iMaGe!.


About the Author

Jorge Molinero


Jorge Molinero is a geologist with a Major in Hydrogeology and a PhD in Civil Engineering. Jorge has been working with coupled multiphysics and geochemistry challenges in the last 20 years. Nowadays, he is the Scientific and Technical Director of Amphos 21 Consulting (www.amphos21.com), a firm providing global services to the Nuclear, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Water Resources industries and authorities.

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